GRENKE corporate leasing provides an affordable alternative to ownership

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GRENKE corporate leasing provides a unique and flexible funding alternative. The minimum amount of funding is only 500.00 € (VAT 0 %), so leasing is also suitable for purchasing smaller devices. The monthly costs of leasing include deductible VAT for the company, and leasing does not affect the balance sheet. Leasing is suitable for companies of all sizes, including new companies and entrepreneurs.


GRENKE owns the leased product during the contract period and charges rent for the use. The cost is fixed at GRENKE, so the monthly payments remain the same throughout the contract period. Predictability makes it easier to plan your investment's returns, budget your business, and cash management.

Benefits of GRENKE

  • GRENKE provides flexibility. If you wish, you can even replace the leased equipment with newer ones during the contract period.

  • You save resources for other needs and are not tied to a product permanently.

  • You're guaranteed to get a quick credit decision.

  • At the end of the contract period, you can return or buy the equipment for a fair price.

  • You will save on taxes as leased products can be deducted in full in your taxation.

  • You know in advance the fixed costs of the lease and can budget more precisely.

  • You can invest the price of acquisition in the business itself, for a better ROI.

Secure contracts

Once the contract has been approved by the financing company, we will deliver you the final contract, which will be returned signed in duplicate. Also, you will have to identify yourself in the TUPAS service, which is done with online banking credentials. Monthly payments are typically invoiced every three months in advance.


If you are not familiar with leasing contracts and would like more information about the GRENKE corporate leasing service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Information is provided by a PowerTen Oy and GRENKE. We are happy to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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GRENKE corporate leasing is a flexible, functional and safe financing option for lifting solutions in Finland. Contact us for more information!

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